group of five people drinking white claw 0% alcohol

A radically new beverage



The flavor innovation challenges White Claw Hard Seltzer solved to introduce iconic flavors in the most significant category since prohibition led us to a new breakthrough: White Claw 0% Alcohol. It’s a non-alcoholic premium seltzer with a satisfying depth of delicious flavor you’d expect in a real drink. It’s a one-of-a-kind innovation that only White Claw could come up with.

Non-alcoholic drinks are disconnected from today’s adult drinkers.

Drinking culture, once synonymous with drinking alcohol, has fundamentally changed. If you want a real drinking experience where alcoholic beverages might not be appropriate—like a business lunch—excessively sweet mocktails can be too indulgent, non-alcoholic beers lack taste and complexity that’s stripped away with their alcohol, and bland flavored waters or seltzers are no substitute. White Claw 0% Alcohol is a radically new way to drink.

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Friends together clinking cans of White Claw 0% Alcohol

“Let’s get drinks” should be an easy “yes.”

But if you don’t feel like drinking alcohol, the lack of adult options at most occasions can make you feel like an outsider. With a new group, your first round makes a first impression, so you might feel pressure to order alcohol to fit in, explain why you’re not getting a “real” drink, or, worse, opt out altogether from drinking with new friends.

A single can of White Claw 0% Alcohol

White Claw 0% Alcohol


It’s made with our ultra-refined seltzer. It’s non-alcoholic
from the start, not a lesser version of anything. In fact, we uniquely add half the hydrating electrolytes
you’d find in leading sports drinks, with a fraction of the sugar and calories—15 per 12 oz. serving.
We added secondary notes to our iconic flavors to give it an elevated, complex taste with real
substance, in a can you’ll be proud to hold at any adult occasion.

It’s, finally, a Drink for all Drinkers at any occasion.

The refreshing flavor of White Claw 0% alcohol was
created to give even more people a reason to say “yes” to any Drinking invitation, make the right first
impression, and connect over Drinks.